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Redmond Town Center

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Redmond, WA

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Community review

Rendering of Redmond town center. People are sitting outside in a courtyard Rendering of Redmond town center. People are sitting outside in a courtyard

What's in the Works

Fairbourne Properties and the local office of Hines have partnered with a collection of world class architects and designers to reimagine and enhance Redmond Town Center, updating it from an interior-facing, auto-oriented, outdoor mall into a true mixed-use, transit-oriented, walkable Town Center that elevates existing tenants, excites future retail partners, and engages the local community

people walking in front of town center

What's The Plan

We want to create a vibrant, modern, town center with greater pedestrian connectivity both internally and with greater downtown Redmond. Our efforts will include modernizing building design and character, activating street-level spaces and public gathering areas, encouraging greater pedestrian connectivity within the center and outward towards downtown, and many more new places for you to meet and gather.

Our plan does not include tearing down the existing retail, or displacing existing tenants. Rather, our approach is aimed at strengthening the existing retail core so these businesses are better equipped to succeed.

Public Benefits

Approval Conditions

The project recommits to the 37 conditions from the original master plan - with RTC as a vibrant mixed use center supporting retail, office, residential and recreational activity downtown.

Affordable Housing

An incentive structure that prioritizes affordable housing in a transit proximate, mixed-use location will create up to 200 units of affordable housing at 60% of AMI, double the quantity required by Redmond's Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance at a deeper level of affordability.

Protecting Redmond's Aquifer

Parking has been shifted above-grade, limiting any impact to Redmond's aquifer and ground water resource, and reducing the carbon impact of the new development.

birds-eye view of redmond town center rendering birds-eye view of redmond town center rendering

Additional Density

As part of the project, the team is evaluating additional density at underutilized portions of the project, specifically surface parking lots. New density will be limited to previously developed areas, reducing development pressure on existing natural areas. New jobs and housing close to the retail core of Redmond Town Center will support retailer success and add additional vibrancy to the project. Finally, density in close proximity to mass transit, as part of a mixed use community, will emphasize equitable access to housing, transportation, and services while limiting environmental impact.
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